Helping Hand (Man on Crutches)

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Seeking a photograph of a strong young man helping another young man on crutches.

- Setting: A commercial building with a set of double doors
- Lighting: Daytime, natural lighting
- Prop: Crutches
- The young man on crutches is moving through a set of doors as he leaves the doctor’s office.
- The strong young male is holding the door open as he helps the other young man exit the building.
- Subjects should be centered within the overall image

- Must look capable
- Must appear to like what he is doing
- Must have a friendly smile
- Attire: Neat Casual

- Must appear happy to be receiving the strong young man’s help
- Attire: Neat Casual

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
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Messages posted by users

3 years ago - Thank you so much for the purchase! :)
3 years ago - @HelpingHand Thanks for the nomination! I hope you enjoyed the photo.
3 years ago - I know than girl in whellchair is not your request, but i have That phothos and maybe its usefull. Thank you
3 years ago - @Helping Hand - Apologies for not being able to initially respond to your request, the deadline was too tight for me. Crutches have now been acquired and will be shooting this for you over the next two days. :-)
3 years ago - @dulin Great! We would love to be able to do a direct invite, but are on a limited budget. However, we purposely set the purchase price at a good rate to cover the selected photographers' time and effort.
3 years ago - @HelpingHand OK. I'll do a photo for you. if you invite me to be nice. :)
3 years ago - @dulin We can reopen the request for another week to give you time to submit. Does that work?
3 years ago - @HelpingHand Hello! I understood what you want. Yes, I can do another photoshoot and take to my consideration your remarks. I can make about 2-3 variants with different doors, if you invite me to a private request and give me 5 days. That's ok?
3 years ago - @dulin Would you be able to redo your photo so that A) both men are smiling widely, and B) exiting a large office building (similar to the one Daniel Quilter used in his submission where the men are exiting the black doored building)?
3 years ago - I uploaded the photo, it is visible to the men smile opens doors.
3 years ago - @HelpingHand Thank you for the nomination! I have other option, other foreshortening, not on the center. if there is time, I will try to make a copy if arranges you.
3 years ago - @dulin The one nominated is good, but the helper is not smiling. The helper needs to look happy to be helping as he engages with the man on crutches.
3 years ago - @ArekS Looking forward to seeing your submission.
3 years ago - @dulin About 30-35 for the man on crutches, and 25-35 for the helper. Both should appear young and fit.
4 years ago - @HelpingHand have any preference between the ages?
4 years ago - Thank you kindly for the invite! I will shoot this request for you this weekend.