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Please Read Brief: We are looking for images from across North America and Europe that represent "Family Travel" via rental car or car hire. Quality images should show families in route or exploring a destination together while showcasing that vacations that bring people together. We want to showcase that a hire car isn’t just to get you from A to B, but can be the vehicle in which you build strong relationships and create memories with loved ones. High quality and tech savvy imagery will reflect the brand values of Hertz and resonate with the audience.

The end goal is to trigger positive emotion and response in the audience, to inspire them to utilize road trips as a means to have a better travel experience with the family.

All shots should be taken with Instagram in mind. The use of vehicles currently offered by The Hertz Corporation (to be found on the Hertz website) is strongly encouraged, with a target audience of age 25+. Please submit your images and include as many tags as possible and MUST include the location. Images should be inclusive of people, while not focusing on the individual. We will be selecting images to use on the brand’s global Instagram account and other various social platforms.

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