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We are looking for photos of unique destinations and adventure activities that could serve as inspiration for spring break or summer vacation. United States destinations only. Photographers MUST tag the location.

Think of places to experience everything the outdoors has to offer with activities like exploring waterfalls, hiking, secret beaches, natural hot springs and other adventure-driven locations.

We will be selecting multiple shots. Photos including people should not be posed and should focus on landscape/scenery to avoid looking like stock photos.

Images will be used on the brand’s Instagram account and other various social platforms. Photographer’s handle may be tagged for attribution.

The use of vehicles currently offered by The Hertz Corporation (to be found on the Hertz website) is encouraged but not required.

Additional Requirements
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10 months ago - Please review my submitted photos and if possible nominate me so I may become a shooter on snapwire and upload more shots in hopes of selling one.
10 months ago - some amazing photos in here folks good luck to you all.
10 months ago - thank you for the opportunity to showcase some of my work.
10 months ago - I made two submissions both from my home county in North Idaho
10 months ago - hi i have some pictures from morocco if you wabt to see them
10 months ago - hllo
10 months ago - As'salaamu Alayqum
10 months ago - can i use my dslr cameras to shoot
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10 months ago - There are sites online to do too
10 months ago - Tagging locations is part of camera and done at time of taking picture
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10 months ago - How do actually tag a location? I don't see a field for that when uploading photos?
10 months ago - do you acually get paid to do this
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