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We are looking for U.S. destination-focused content. Images should focus on locations that families or groups of friends would visit on spring break. This can include road trip favorites such as Florida or California Beaches, Lake Tahoe, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Hoover Dam, Resorts, National Parks, etc.

Photos should NOT feature alcohol or illicit activities.

Photographers must tag the location.

We will be selecting multiple shots. Photos including people should not have the person as the main focus or look posed. The focus should be on landscape/scenery rather than the people to avoid looking like stock images.

Images will be used on the brand’s Instagram account and other various social platforms. Photographer’s handle may be tagged for attribution.

The use of vehicles currently offered by The Hertz Corporation (to be found on the Hertz website) is encouraged but not required.

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9 months ago - Thank You for the recognition!!
10 months ago - Please review my submitted photos and if possible nominate me so I may become a shooter on snapwire and upload more shots in hopes of selling one.
10 months ago - хочу выиграть помогите мне !!!))) деньги нужны HELLP!!!!
10 months ago - check out my st. Louis photos submitted
11 months ago - Got my 2 photos for this request in. Hope they're good. I have 2 pics in other requests as well.
11 months ago - if anyone likes / loves it please tell me
11 months ago - submitted 1 hope you like it
11 months ago - Submitted 4 from Central Florida area. Any specific requests feel free to let me know.