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We'd like some photos to show off our products which are based around travel and allowing you to use your phone and capture memories anywhere. We need someone that knows how to use a camera and can show our products to their full.

We will send you all of our products to keep and ask for you to take photos based on travel using our products.

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Messages posted by users

3 years ago - Headed out west for some trips with the film gear. This would be a perfect fit
3 years ago - I'd love to partner with you guys and take your products with me abroad! Also applied through your website to be an ambassador.
3 years ago - @Oliver Daniels I'd love to participate. I live in Seattle, WA, USA. Summer is coming and lots of local outdoor activities like hiking, camping could using your product and taking product shots during the trip. Please let me know if you need contact info.
3 years ago - I am currently traveling for the next three months and would love to shoot for you guys!
3 years ago - *to participate
3 years ago - I am located in Connecticut and would love to be participate.
3 years ago - I would love to take up the challenge and photograph your products to the specifications desired.
3 years ago - I would like to participate in this shoot.
3 years ago - I am located in Northern California with surrounding majestic redwoods, the sweeping vineyards of wine country and the crashing waves of the ocean on the rocky cliffs. I would love to have the opportunity to show your products in my area. I will submit some local areas I've photographed.
3 years ago - Would love to be involved, I'm in the UK.
3 years ago - Hello
3 years ago - @infincase I'm always climbing, backpacking, and exploring the mountains of Colorado. Please let me know if I can promote your gear! I'd love to show it off on my next expedition!
3 years ago - I'm extremely interested and I saw you on Casey Neistats vlog!! I'm travelling to Iceland in a month as well.
3 years ago - @infincase. I'm interested in your products, particularly in your sound cases to be used for birds' sounds in nature ... I'm in Italy, Tuscany. Thank you for evaluating my spontaneous application. Claudio
3 years ago - My husband and I live in Northern California and go hiking and travel regularly. We would love to promote your wares.
3 years ago - Sounds amazing. Would love to be considered for this one!
3 years ago - Interested- I enjoy taking environment shots. I'm in the USA
3 years ago - I'd love to be involved in this, I travel for photography regularly, and have worked in Iceland, Switzerland, France, and Bolivia recently and will be visiting Peru later this year. I'd love to photograph your products around the globe!
3 years ago - Hi Oliver I am a freelancer based in London I am more than willing to come and see you to chat about the job if you like my work? Kind regards Anthony
3 years ago - This sounds awesome, super sick idea!
3 years ago - @INFINCASE Oliver Daniels, forgot to mention, I'm in London every week, Tue to Thu if that made things easier
3 years ago - I love the look of your products and site and would be grateful for the chance to photograph for you. Feel free to look at my SW portfolio and see if we're a good fit. Thank you, @ INFINCASE !
3 years ago - I am interested as well, I live in the mountains with an abundance of scenic vistas, waterfalls and hiking trails.
3 years ago - I am also interested. Thank you
3 years ago - I believe I am decent at taking photos. I am traveling to Northern California on May 31 (by plane) from Texas. I will be headed back to Texas July 5 (by driving) an inbetween those dates I will be traveling back and forth from southern and Northern California if you are interested.
3 years ago - A lot of questions here but no answers. For this Request please give concrete details that are needed. What precisely do you want? If photographers don't have your product will any item be sufficient for this submission? What kind of items? Backpacks, suitcases, trains, planes? We NEED details.
3 years ago - Hi, I'd like to shoot your products, please choose me if you like my portfolio
3 years ago - Do you want examples of photographs that involve phone cases, backpacks, or both? Confusing description. And is it solely supposed to be your brand being represented or you want to see someone's style?
3 years ago - Module case and external charger for iPhones maybe?
3 years ago - Please provide products and direction. I will provide content.
3 years ago - Touching on what a few people have said, you aren't clear as to what you want. The explanation seems rather abrupt and doesn't say what you want/need. Also doesn't say whether or not you'll be providing items for us to shoot or if we have to buy these items.
3 years ago - Hi infinicase, I'm wondering the same as everyone else- what exactly are you looking for here?
3 years ago - Pick me pick me! ...
3 years ago - @oliverdaniels can you please clarify exactly what you'd like to be photographed. thanks
3 years ago - I would love to shoot your product. If you are interested please contact me.
3 years ago - I believe this request about phone cases?
3 years ago - Are you asking us to submit photos as an audition to be selected?
3 years ago - Hi I would love to ! Please contact me I live in northern Canada.
3 years ago - @infincase Hello! Contact me if you like my photos.
3 years ago - @Oliver Daniels would love to shoot your product in the Peak District England let me know, if you want to send product to my house contact me on my email address if you require it
3 years ago - Will you be giving the photographer bags to shoot?