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We are a selective dating app for young and ambitious singles living in the world’s capitals. We are active in over 40 cities worldwide including Dubai, New York City, Paris, London etc. Our target audience is well educated, outgoing and takes care of him or herself. We screen everybody before they join the community.

We are looking for photos of women, either blond or brunette, about 25-35 years old, attractive, classy/aspirational clothing and setting. We're not trying to show purely attractive women but successfull confident women.

We need to see clear facial features, so for example: great smile, bright big eyes, alluring mouth (not duck face), strong jaw line or cheekbones. This is important because the pictures are used for mobile advertising and are small. The background can be just one color, like in a studio but with soft light. It’s also important that it isn’t a fashion photo, so too much make-up or accessories isn’t what we’re looking for.

The photos will be cropped into the size 1200 x 628 pixels (Facebook advertising), so it’s important that the lady is centred in the picture. Landscape size would be the best option. The example pictures show how it looks like when it’s cropped, so the original file can’t be zoomed in too much. We also added a couple of pictures that aren’t working for us, so the challenge will be to find pictures that will be similar to the good examples images.

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