Healthy Eating and physical activity

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bright and colourful, include red and green; healthy eating and people physically active - walking, gardening,

It is for the front, home page of website so needs to look inviting and fresh colours but not gaudy.
Would like to convey freshness and health and sense of well being (greens and creams with touches of bright red and perhaps yellow and maybe other colours - eg fresh looking green salad with bright red and yellow peppers)
Traditional looking - maybe outdoor background of countryside - no fuzzy or effects.
people or person active, walking?
maybe garden -
somebody eating healthy food with maybe some trainers nearby to give impression of preparing for walking? or gardening shoes/trowel?


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4 years ago - I like the colours in the vegetable photos but there is no movement I like the outdoor photos but not enough colour the one of the garden is green but not actually vegetables or fruit All the photos are great but not quite depicting the image I want to convey