Ambassador Challenge - From High Above

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From High Above: The best photo will be awarded $225. In addition, the most creative shots will be chosen for the Snapwire Premium Collection.

Images shot from high places create beautiful and unique perspective unlike other views. It takes an adventurous and curious heart to seek the path toward a mountain, building or bridge. When I arrive at a location where everything else is far below me, I'm reminded of how small we are and how much space we have to explore. When shooting images from a high place, try and capture the grandness of the moment by contrasting where you are to what you're shooting. For example, if shooting an image of a skyline from an airplane, capture the edge of the airplanes wing in order to bring a first-person perspective to the image. The idea is to put the viewer in your shoes and let them experience what you felt when taking that image. Get creative with it and above all, be safe in doing so. As a bonus, if you process your images with the VSCO App and post them to Instagram, tag the image #BestofVSCO for a chance to be featured on the @BestofVSCO Instagram page. Enjoy!

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