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I need an image to replace the image of the woman in this page:

The new image should also be an attractive woman, if possible and it is important that she is looking towards the email signup form.

But the new image needs to be something that is related to customer service as that is the topic for my course, and the current, generic, image of a couple sitting on the beach is not relevant.

Otherwise, anything up beat and colorful with the above criteria is what I'm looking for.

Thank you,


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Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)

Messages posted by users

4 years ago - @Jigsaw if extend the time I can do a shooting with the Asian female model and headphone/mic set
4 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!! 😊
4 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! It is most appreciated.
4 years ago - @jigsaw Hi Jon, I have reached my limit, hope you will find what you need, if you like my photos but need a different editing let me know
4 years ago - It doesn't have to be indoor, but it needs to be evoke "customer service" which is pretty much always done in a business environment. But I'm completely open to be surprised.
4 years ago - @newnow Hi Vera, I had the same thought although I don't like to submission something that doesn't follow the instruction I wanted to try with outdoor shot in case the 'indoor' mention was an error. good luck with your submissions :)
4 years ago - Are you sure you want an indoor photo?