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Looking for still life photo of decorative sign in front of Wine & Spirits Gift Packs in liquor store for our November issue cover.

Need close up shot of decorative (Blank) sign in front of Wine & Spirits Gift Packs stacked on shelves or displayed inside of a liquor store. Will drop in copy onto the blank sign to read "2014 Holiday Gift Guide"

Gift packs usually contain bottle plus glasses or other "holiday" offerings inside. Daylight or ambient lighting.
Prefer vertical orientation with gift packs blurred in background.

They need to be gift packs. There could be some single bottles sprinkled around though. They can be recognizable, but would like a variety instead of all just 1 brand.


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5 years ago - Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this one. This project ended up going a different direction which is very unfortunate but also common in this business. The request closed without a purchase :( If you have any questions or concerns please write us at
5 years ago - @philip - Thanks. The store you found had a lot of gift packs - that's great. I was only able to roundup a half dozen. Congrats on the nom!
5 years ago - @march @jmpthornton i too went all over town looking for gift packs and was told they wouldn't be released until november. I did however manage to find a liquor store that was willing to style one of their shelves with gift packs that were spread all over the store.
5 years ago - :( this challenge came out a bit too soon...
5 years ago - @Marcela, all of the liquor stores I spoke with said that even if they have the holiday packs; they wouldn't put them out until mid November :(
5 years ago - @phillip, where did you find hard liquor gift sets? I looked in like 8 different stores and couldn't find any... :(
5 years ago - @Larrylee Just wanted to make mention that photos I submitted were taken at Grape & Grain Co in Homewood, IL. Their 'gift packs' were samples as their concept is to build your own (they have everything there to do this) to make it more personal. Just wanted to share.
5 years ago - Please read the brief