Canadian Whisky, snow, outdoors - still life

Beverage Media February 2016 Cover
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Looking for beauty drink shot of Canadian Whisky (neat or on the rocks) on wood table/surface outdoors or in front of window. Preferably with snow landscape in background.

The focus of story is the Canadian Whisky. Want a natural, outdoorsy, northern territory feel to photo. Shallow depth of field. Focus should be on drink/glass. No branding/bottles.

Prefer Natural daylight setting, possibly window/ambient lighting in background. Also prefer "cooler" tones. Do NOT want it to look like it was staged or shot on a set. 90º or 45º angle preferred.

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Food and Drink Lifestyle Still Life
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2 years ago - @larrylee - same! took a bunch. added two to my profile just now. (:
2 years ago - Hi, @larrylee. I just uploaded some photos to my gallery of a whiskey glass with snow and mountains in the background, please check them out. Thank you!
2 years ago - @larrylee I'm adding some photos to my gallery, finally some great conditions. Please take a look; I believe I have what you are looking for. thanks.
2 years ago - @larrylee we are expecting snow tonight, I can post some pics both inside and out in the morning if you can accept fotos in the morning.
2 years ago - Hi @larrylee , I submitted two photos which fulfils your request, kindly check them out.
2 years ago - Hello @larrylee ! I submitted two photographs, check them out :)
2 years ago - @larrylee thanks for the nomination!
2 years ago - @larrylee thank you for the nominations! I have plenty of other versions so if you want changes or other options please let me know.
2 years ago - thank you for the nomination!
2 years ago - @larrylee - thank you
2 years ago - Unfortunately we have no snow untile Sunday 😢
2 years ago - Thanks much..I really appreciate it 👏
2 years ago - Do you need room for copy space?
2 years ago - Will do- thanks Larry!
2 years ago - Thanks for the nomination @larrylee! I'm so excited!
2 years ago - Hi @posesawkwardly - sounds good. go ahead and give it a shot. See nominations for more direction. Maybe try a few shots outside as well?
2 years ago - Hi @larrylee, I'm going to be heading to an old cabin the the snow-filled woods this weekend if you're able to extend. If so, I'll bring a glass and some whiskey up with me (: