Hero shot of champagne, whiskey, cocktail, wine

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Looking for still life shot of champagne, whiskey, cocktail & wine.

"Hero" angle from below on white background. Base can have shadow in foreground. Please use contemporary glassware. Drinks need to be Champagne in flute, Whiskey on rocks in tumbler glass, cocktail (whiskey-based or amber-colored) in a coup glass with lemon or orange twist garnish, Red wine in elegant bordeaux glass.

Do not want glasses overlapping or touching each other.

Portrait / vertical orientation.


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Messages posted by users

2 years ago - Well done @gregblomberg nice shot
3 years ago - Next time
3 years ago - @LarryLee - Hey Larry, I just uploaded a photo for your project. Hope its what you're looking for.
3 years ago - @Larry Lee Hi Larry, I am new to the site and just submitted a photo here, I am planning on doing a few other versions. I wasn't sure if you wanted an exact copy of the illustration, the text on the bottom of the image reads "Inspirational use for style only, do not copy". Thanks!
3 years ago - Thanks for the nomination
3 years ago - @LarryLee, I finally got everything for the picture. I will be able to submit more picture by tomorrow. If you need any tweaks, please let me know. I will really appreciate your feedback whether you choose my picture or not. Thanks a million!!
3 years ago - @larrylee Hi Larry, I would love feedback on the pic's that I submitted nominated or not if time is permitted, thanks
3 years ago - Thank you for the multiple nominations, I really appreciate it.
3 years ago - Uploaded a few - if you'd like changes please let me know. Thank you.
3 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. Let me know if you'd like to see any tweaks.
3 years ago - @larrylee Hi Larry, thanks very much for the nomination, glad you're considering it, cheers!
3 years ago - @larrylee Hi Larry, I've uploaded 3 shots as promised, at different depths of field, please let me know if they suit or if you'd like any adjustments. Thanks, Marino
3 years ago - @Larry Lee - I just realised that I put the glasses on a wrong order and they don't match the sketch up. Let me know if the photo is suitable and i will change the order. Thanks!
3 years ago - I know what you need now , I had resubmitted two new photos please check it out. thank you !!
3 years ago - @larrylee Thank you for the nomination! If you need any other shots, please let me know!
3 years ago - My photos do not fit?
3 years ago - @larrylee I'll work on it. Thank you for the nomination
3 years ago - @
3 years ago - @ricktheis1 - do you have any more frames of the group shot without the try and also more space on the sides?
3 years ago - I just submitted 2 pics to your request, I have more pics but I only allowed to submit 2 pics each request, if you like my pics ,can you nominate my pics , I need two more nominate level up , so I can submit more pics Thank you!!!
3 years ago - I'll get some images for you soon / have a good thanksgiving
3 years ago - Hello. I see a lot of individual glasses in the submissions. Do these need to be of all four drinks in the same shot, or are you also accepting stills of just one of the four?
3 years ago - @Larrylee I'll be uploading some shots precisely matching your brief at the weekend, thanks for your patience
3 years ago - Studio or natural lighting.
3 years ago - @Larrylee I'll be sending some shots tomorrow. Any preference on lighting?