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Looking for still life photos of Irish Whiskey. Vertical orientation would be ideal, or room to crop to a vertical.

No people or branding shown. Contemporary, natural daylight. Preferably glass and non descriptive bottle arranged on wood grain surface. Composition can either be birds eye (top down) or staggered on multiple-tiered surface. Prefer cooler tones and lighting. Possibly with blueish-green hue for our March issue.

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4 years ago - Yes, I can do that. :)
4 years ago - @Will any way you can get same composition/arrangement as image nominated but at 45º-60º angle as well. So you can see sides of glass & bottle more?
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! More photos coming soon, having technical issues :(
4 years ago - No preference if it's on the rocks or neat. But, would like it in a rocks glass. Keep 'em coming!
4 years ago - What kind if glass are you wanting this shot in?
4 years ago - Gil my thoughts too lol
4 years ago - @Larrylee do you want it straight up or on the rocks?
4 years ago - Definitely going to have to get some hands-on research for shooting this.
4 years ago - This one will be fun :)