Irish Whiskey in Bar

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Looking for still life photo of Irish Whiskey in a bar/pub. Vertical orientation would be ideal, for our March issue cover.

Looking for "Hero" beauty drink shot of Irish Whiskey in Bar / Pub Setting. Can have 1-2 glasses (on rocks or neat) with Irish Whiskey bottles in background (possible brands; Jameson, Kilbeggan, Tullamore Dew, Knappogue Castle, Clontarf to name a few). Shallow depth of field. Focus should be on drink/glass, NOT bottles. Brands of bottles should be out of focus and possibly turned. Recognizable but not legible.

Prefer Natural daylight in pub / bar/ restaurant setting, possibly window/ambient lighting in background. Also prefer "cooler" tones. Do NOT want it to look like it was staged or shot on a set. Straight or 45ยบ angle preferred.

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3 years ago - Hi Larry, thanks for choosing my image. Would it be possible for you to tell me where I might purchase a couple of copies when it comes out?
3 years ago - Hi Larry, I'm so sorry, I am relatively new to snap wire and did not know about the comment section. In answer to your question, the bar is in Dallas, Tx and it is called The Blind Butcher
3 years ago - @larrylee Hi Larry! I went to another bar today and tried new shots with different lenses. I have all the files in RAW. Hope you find the perfect photo out of this request! It was a challenging and fun one!
3 years ago - Meant to say looks like a shot like this was bought on image Brief but with barrels nice shot it was as well
3 years ago - Looks like the shot was bought on image brief
3 years ago - Sorry about that! I had a hard time including both the background of the bar and the stools in a vertical frame. Is there one element in particular you rather have in the shot? I might go to a different bar this Monday and try something different.
3 years ago - I had a hard time
3 years ago - @march - surface does not necessarily have to be on wood.
3 years ago - @larrylee, Hi Larry! Does the table has to be made of wood, or is this not a crucial element?
3 years ago - @gregblomberg Where (bar) were these images taken?
3 years ago - @larrylee Hey, Larry! Submitted Irish whiskey shots. Tried to balance the hero shot with more of the environmental bar scene you were looking for. Edits available of course. Cheers!
3 years ago - @Larrylee I have access to a bar so anything you need adjusted I'm happy to do. For example: different glassware, neat instead of on the rocks, different arrangement of the bottles, etc.
3 years ago - This is for an IRISH Whiskey story. NO Scotch, Bourbon, whiskies of any other sort. Even though though bottles are turned and out of focus in background, they are still recognizable to people in industry.
3 years ago - @Larry - Hello again! :-) I posted a few starter shots. Please let me know if the colors and arrangement are good and I'll add some more shots with bottles/bar in the shot within a couple of days. Thanks!
3 years ago - READ THE BRIEF PEOPLE!!!!