Still life of Rosé Wines

June 2016 Cover of Beverage Media
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Think Pink.

Need "Hero" shot of Rosé wine glass or glasses sitting on rustic wood table / surface. Can have multiple wine glasses and bottle (NO branding shown) in background, out of focus. Prefer outdoor setting with natural daylight. "Summer" feeling and tones. Possibly greenery / trees in background with sun peeking through. Table setting could have optional decorative items such as, flatware, cheese, fruit, etc.

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1 year ago - Ditto, you have plenty of great shots here. I did however over saturate my pinks, and the color can be brought down. Regardless, I enjoy your requests and learn something every time about paying attention to the details. Thx Larry
1 year ago - I can tweak easily the color of the wine if needed. Anyway I live in Italy and I aimed to match the average color of French and Italian rosè wines.
1 year ago - I noted a lot of your nominations have the wine as pinker than my nominated image. (thanks BTW) ... the color being easily adjusted I'll be happy to tweak it to your preference if chosen. Thanks BP
1 year ago - Hi Larry, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to thank you for the nomination, appreciate it
1 year ago - Thanks for the nomination :)
1 year ago - Thanks for the nominations Larry!
1 year ago - Hi all, was out of office for past week. Will plan to review all submissions and hopefully select a final. Stay tuned!
1 year ago - I believe there was private request!
1 year ago - hmm ... mystic. Competition is now open and closed a couple of hours ...
1 year ago - Hello Mr Lee, hope that you will be satisfy with my pics. If it will be necessary I can still adjust light and color.
1 year ago - lol it's my last shot 😆
1 year ago - Hope i nailed it😁
1 year ago - Hi Mr. Lee - I just wanted to let you know that I have a few more shots that I'd love to share...if you don't nominate either of the ones I submitted, I'm happy to delete them and upload more. Thanks for your consideration! -Lindsey
1 year ago - I had upload few picture please check them out ,thank you
1 year ago - Shooting this tomorrow mr Lee!!! Looking forward to a nice glass of Rose!
1 year ago - Hello Mr. Lee. Today I made some photo compositions for you and uploaded two photos. If you prefer a dark rustic wood table, please let me know? I hope this is the direction that you would like.
2 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. I also took some shots today with a softer feel; let me know if this is a direction you'd like to go
2 years ago - Thank you, Mr. Lee, for the nomination. I am honored.
2 years ago - Hi Larry thanks for another great challenge! In terms of copy space would you rather have clear sky or out of focus green garden foliage? Kind regards Anthony