Still life of Scotch on a pedestal

October 2016 Cover of Beverage Media
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Need "Hero" shot of Scotch on the rocks sitting on wood pedestal / block rising above a sea of brown spirit bottles (which are out of focus and silhouetted).

Story is about challenges and opportunities for Scotch; rise of competing Brown spirits, non-age expressions, whisky shortage and possibly economic challenges (Brexit)?

Lighting can be dramatic (high contrast) and perhaps have a cooler tone.

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2 years ago - hi, could you re-open it again for some days? i believe i could give you the shot you need in the most dramatic way.
2 years ago - Hi everyone, We will be finalizing this week and have final pick soon. Thanks for all the great submissions on this one!
2 years ago - Hi Larry, thanks so much for posting this project to Snapwire! I've submitted several slight variations in lighting and color and I'll be happy to offer a revised shoot if necessary, in case you feel these are not quite what you're looking for. Thanks again, this was a blast to work on!
2 years ago - Oh, good luck everybody!
2 years ago - Thanks for the opportunity to shoot this! It was great fun. Although I'm in northern Italy and scotch and whisky are hard to come by! It's all grappa all the time here. Cheers!
2 years ago - Hi Larry, I added an element of Scottish heritage, hope you like it!
2 years ago - Intended to say blurred labels.
2 years ago - Not sure if you will have time to answer this before the request expires, but are labels preferable or would bottles without labels be preferred? Thanks!
2 years ago - Hi Larry, Thank you for the nominations! I had to delite one of the pictures because i can only upload two images. And i really wanted To upload another one That i Think is worth it! I hope you find it usefull.
2 years ago - Larry, Thanks for the nomination!
2 years ago - Hi larry, thanks for the nominations!
2 years ago - Hi Larry, thanks for the nominations!
2 years ago - Hi
2 years ago - Hi Larry, thanks for this chance to submit. Quick question: do you want the bottles to be capless? Or, lids OK?
2 years ago - Hi all, Thanks for all the submissions. **Note - all the surrounding bottles below should be Scotch of possible whisky bottles. Noticed many of the photos have beer or wine bottles in them which won't work**
2 years ago - Thank you Mr. Lee for the nomination! I appreciate your challenges!
2 years ago - Ok 🙁
2 years ago - @johnny_2point0 - anyway to include a few more bottles in the background to show how deep the competition is?
2 years ago - Not all the bottles necessarily have to be brown. Often, many Scotch brands have either clear or dark green glass bottles. But if they are clear bottles, the content/liquid should resemble Scotch Whisky.
2 years ago - 🎼let me knowwww🎼 🎤 i realy need a new cameraaaah 🎼 😁
2 years ago - Good day Sir, Do the empty bottles have to be brown or will any colour be ok?
2 years ago - Mr Larry , can you give me Some feedback ?
2 years ago - Indoor ?? What color background ?
2 years ago - Hi Larry are the brown bottles around the scotch, brown or dark glass or do you want the liquor within to be brown? Thanks!!