Tequila basics - still life /top view

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Looking for birds eye view of Tequila items/drinks; variety of tequila in glass (Anejo, Reposado, blanco), bottle, salt, limes, Agave leaves, map of Mexico on either wood grain OR dark slate surface. SEE SKETCH for composition.

The focus of story is basics of Tequila. What it is, where it comes from, etc.

Prefer Natural daylight setting, no branding/labels shown. Also leave space for copy.

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1 year ago - Thank you for the nomination @larrylee
1 year ago - Agreed, a drink after a shoot is never a bad thing. Your requests are the best Larry!
1 year ago - But I enjoyed working on it and drinking the still life afterwards ;)
1 year ago - By the way, Agave plants are EXTREMELY difficult to find!!!
1 year ago - Did the request end a few hours sooner than it was supposed to? I have one additional entry and thought I had a few more hours left :(
1 year ago - Thank you for the nomination Larry, it was fun working on this project
1 year ago - Hi Larry, was prepping my images but discovered that the submission has ended by the time they were ready to be uploaded. I was pretty sure there were few more hours left. Was the submission ended prematurely?
1 year ago - And, yes, really great photos everyone!
1 year ago - Thanks for your feedback @ LarryLee. Your requests are always highly anticipated and I look forward future attemptsπŸ‘
1 year ago - Message 2/2: While many submissions included above mentioned elements, some did not allow for cover copy, had inappropriate glassware/garnish and we needed Agave leaves that appeared full-sized and ready from harvest. Overall, this is a really close one and making a final decision will be tough!
1 year ago - Message 1/2: Hi all, thanks to everyone on all the great submissions so far! Nominations were decided based on how accurately the photo followed the sketch along with request in terms of elements, composition and lighting.
1 year ago - @Larry Lee I just submit 4 picture,can you please check them out,can you give me some feedback of my pictures. thank you!!
1 year ago - Thanks for the nomination Larry! Ant
1 year ago - I don't believe I have anything missing in my photos but thank you for your input @bilok
1 year ago - @Meg P I believe if you look second picture carefully you will figure out what missing in your photos , second picture is a great example , unfortunately I can not find proper agave plant , I don't want to submit because I have missing items so it won't be proper submission good luck all
1 year ago - Larry Lee... Is there any feedback you can give to the photographers who shot really solid photos, but weren't nominated? So many good shots that the lines between what was nomination worthy and those that were not seem very vague. Your Requests are highly anticipated and much effort is put in
1 year ago - @Rick Theis.... Glad to see it worked for youπŸ˜‰
1 year ago - @LarryLee Thank you! @MegP Thank you, I ended up buying an agave plant too, haha.
1 year ago - Three days left. Not giving up on this one. Great shots fellow photographers!
1 year ago - @LarryLee - Thank you very much for the nominations! Viva Tequila! 😊
1 year ago - Well done, Rick Theis!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
1 year ago - @LarryLee Thanks for the nomination.
1 year ago - I just found a Blue Agave Tequila Plant at a local garden center! And an old school map of Mexico at an antique shop. I'm very excited to reshoot this...
1 year ago - I hope, i nail it this time
1 year ago - Hi everyone - great submissions so far! Don't forget to leave negative space open for copy/text to be placed into. Thanks!
1 year ago - Oops, never mind I figured it out. Thanks
1 year ago - I shot over 15 pictures, camera set on portrait mode yet when I try to enter them in this request they get denied, saying the pictures are in landscape mode??? Any idea how I get past this?
1 year ago - Good evening, Mr Lee. I got a bit confused with the brief. So every single item is a must on the final picture? It's nearly impossible to find blue agave where I live. Also naturally lit picture would look uninteresting and flat in my opinion (for editorial shot like this).
1 year ago - I thought it would be a cheat to use aloe leaves, I almost got some. Now I see aloe in a nomination. Are aloe and agave interchangeable or related? Still looking for agave.
1 year ago - I can't wait to shoot this !! Haha liquor store tomorrow :p
1 year ago - I see it now and will shoot accordingly!
1 year ago - @LarryLee Sorry I didn't see that you were looking for different colors of Tequila. I'll try again tomorrow. This is a fun request!
1 year ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!!
1 year ago - Many thanks
1 year ago - @Dorey You have such great pictures in your gallery but I don't understand why you did not get nominated.
1 year ago - Thank you @LarryLee.... Will be working over the next couple of days and submitting as I go. Any feedback would be appreciated.
1 year ago - Uuu love tequila! Tomorrow will shoot some, cheers! ;)
1 year ago - @gregblomberg - map can be new or old.
1 year ago - @megP - prefer to have more than 1 variety of tequila (gold, clear, etc.)
1 year ago - Hi Larry, one quick question, does the map of Mexico have to be new or can it be an old vintage roadmap?
1 year ago - @larrylee Are all three types of tequilla required in the same photograph?
1 year ago - @larrylee i cant wait to take a shot at this one! Thankyou for the oportunity. Hope you like what i come up with
1 year ago - I'm worried about any copyrights on the map. Will this be a problem?
1 year ago - Really looking forward to shooting this one later today! Do you have a preference on the tequila color? Would you prefer the golden coloring since some are very light to clear?