Top view of Wine Menu in Restaurant

February 2017 Cover of Beverage Media
Buyer review complete, Marketplace review

Looking for birds eye view of Wine Menu in modern restaurant setting; Wine menu is central focus (not legible) with table settings (plates, forks, knives), wine glasses and possible bottle of wine (no branding!) can have people (1-3) sitting at table looking at menu. No food on table. SEE SKETCH for composition.

The focus of story is creative Wine Menus. What's trending, formats, etc.

Prefer Natural daylight setting, no branding/labels shown. Also leave space for copy. Think "Instagram" style!

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Paid Post to Instagram :
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1 year ago - Youre welcome 😄
1 year ago - @liek52 thanks so much!
1 year ago - I sent a few to Snapwire and you can have them all. You also can do with those picture what you want to do 😊 i did sent the original and Jpeg size.
1 year ago - @liek52 do you have raw file on this image? I need it to cover 8x10 dimension at 300dpi.
1 year ago - If you give my youre email i can send the picture by Wetransfer
1 year ago - Ohhhhh yesssss!!!!! Thank you!!!! So miuch!!!
1 year ago - Im nervous 😬
1 year ago - Ohw, wauw.. could it be.... exicted 🤗
1 year ago - did you find photos you wanted with a good lighting?
1 year ago - Is The picture here for you?
1 year ago - Hi Larry! There's a cliche on the site right now that prevents download from a computer so my images are only 4MB. If you need higher resolution, please let me know
1 year ago - Would be great if we can shoot this on a White Marble top as well!
1 year ago - Timeframe on this one is short unfortunately. Need something by Monday latest. Also, menu should not be legible/readable.
1 year ago - Hello, Larry! I noticed that the timeframe for submission is only a few days. Normally your requests offer more time to shoot. Is this a hard deadline?
1 year ago - Hi Larry! inscriptions on the menu should be readable?