Wide World of Whiskies

October 2017 Cover of Beverage Media
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Need "Hero" shot of Whiskey glass (with OR without Ice) in front of famous landmark or setting with geographic distinction in background (NO branding shown) in either one of these countries: U.S., France, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, India.

Prefer outdoor setting with natural daylight. "cooler" feeling and tones. This should have a very worldly and international feel to it. Background can be subtle and out of focus as long as it echoes "international" focus should be on Whiskey glass.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
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1 year ago - @ Grisha congrats 👋🏻👋🏻
1 year ago - I just uploaded a similar picture with different glass to my profile since the submission period is ended..please check it out if you get chance..thanks for the challenge and more than happy to work for it
1 year ago - @Larry Lee ..hi,
1 year ago - Thanks for the nomination! :D
1 year ago - Thanks a lot..it means me a lot..went to New York and tried my best 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
1 year ago - Hi I canot participate because I am a shooter, but I have in my portfolio 2 Photographs that it may work send the links. https://www.snapwi.re/photo/detail/58bf0d3c1631896d26047b4c https://www.snapwi.re/photo/detail/58bf0d06fd796389107b23c8 Thank you.
1 year ago - in that case simply use a Photoshop designer instead of a photo request
1 year ago - hi @lary I thought you need only photograph not Photoshop
1 year ago - thanks @barbara
1 year ago - Hi @Larry hope you will like my work, on my profile I have other shots for you. Kind regards.
1 year ago - Hi @Paloma, to delate a photo you can go on your own web profile where you should find My Photo Manager, then go on the right part of the picture and click on the cross! ;)
1 year ago - Just curious to know how many photos will be purchased. Also photo-shopped images acceptable. See some photos which are merged using Photoshop.
1 year ago - Hi photographers! Is it possible to delete a picture? I cannot find how... I thought it was a challenge and wanted to upload one more but I reached my limit :( thanks!
1 year ago - Sorry, I accidentally had uploaded smaller copies (1125x1500) of my entries. I have now uploaded the full size ones.
1 year ago - Hi Larry, I just uploaded my pic which has hand motion blur in it...is that ok? thanks in advance...
1 year ago - Hi Larry, I've submitted a few different styles. Love to have some feedback, please let us know if you need something different...
1 year ago - My pictures dont want to finish uploading beacuse its not a portrait picture... however it is otherwise i wouldent even get to that upload point. Anyone know what to do? X)
1 year ago - Hi Larry just submitted mine. Please let us know if you need something different, if you please can give to us more details to work better on this Challenge! Best Regards.
1 year ago - Only one
1 year ago - How many photos will be purchased?
1 year ago - Welcome back, Larry 😁
1 year ago - Thank you for the nomination!
1 year ago - Hi all - NO Branding in shown on glasses or bottles!! Also, it doesn't have to specifically be from those countries (although those were countries mentioned in story), as long as it feels international & worldly.
1 year ago - The one with a glass photoshopped to New York backround... I lol'd 😂
1 year ago - I realize the submitted shots may have too much of a rural feel. I'll attempt some more in an urban setting over the next few days. Just playing in the back yard for now. :)
1 year ago - very cool concept. its a pity I wont participate in it, but good luck to those who are submitting 😊
1 year ago - Should photographs always be for the Brenne brand or should they not be branded?
1 year ago - So it has to be in one of these contries with a landmark?