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I would like to hire a photographer to shoot a photo of an Apple laptop on a wooden desk with a variety of vintage photos on the desk. There could possibly be a journal or book on the table as well. I want to convey the work of personal historians: helping people transform their memories into memoirs and saving those memoirs online. I want there to be a juxtaposition of vintage photos and modern technology. This will be the hero image on my website. The current stock image on my website has the desk with old papers and photos, but it needs to have something like a laptop to show how we are taking old things and transforming them into something exciting and new. I will put copy on one side of the image, similar to what I have now at

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2 years ago - Ok @Linda was a pleasure.. can you please nominate mine again? Unfortunat I delayed the two nominated to upload 2 new,now I do not have any Nomination! Thanks for your kind help.. Today I will also upload others for you on my profile if you would be interested in other options.. good luck!!! Barbara
2 years ago - Hi @Linda! Thank you so much for choosing my picture, I look forward to seeing your website! It was a very fun project, and it got me to dig up old pictures of my beloved grandma! Just for that it was well worth it!
2 years ago - Thank you everyone for such beautiful pictures! I'm sorry I can only choose one (for now).
2 years ago - Hi Linda, i have more photos on my portfolio i cant submit more in your request Page.
2 years ago - Thank you for the nomination :)
2 years ago - @Fanette Love your photo. Could you change the images on the screen so they don't look like the edges are curled, almost like they have been taped to the screen? Thanks.
2 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! :)
2 years ago - Thank you for the nomination !
2 years ago - Hi @Linda we are arriving at the last day of your Challenge, please feel free to let us know your needs for last shots! ;)
2 years ago - @Linda - I'm happy to reshoot if you would like to see changes.
2 years ago - @Linda I uploaded a new shot in my profile with the new webpage you said :)
2 years ago - @linda I shot a few more with less sepia light, since I still had it set up!
2 years ago - @linda I shot these new ones before I saw your post. I can reshoot the original shot, if these don't work
2 years ago - @lindabugbee I will try later
2 years ago - @Dorey I really like the latest one you submitted ID: 589f8fa92a8629882a7b23c8 but would like to see it with the webpages or and less sepia colored
2 years ago - @Barbara The newest one you uploaded (2 framed pics on left) is my least favorite of those you've submitted so far. My favorite is the one with one framed picture on the left, not on the laptop.
2 years ago - Ok @Linda perfect I will do it later! In the meantime I have uploaded another photo, do you like that kind of prospective? Do you want me doing the same of this last one? tks.
2 years ago - Please try using one of these webpages on the screen: or
2 years ago - @lindabugbee Thank you so much for the nomination. If you need something only tell me it will be my pleasure.
2 years ago - @Linda Thank you very much for the nomination! Let me know if you need any change!
2 years ago - @LindaB Hello! I'm an explorer so I can't submit photos here but I did upload them to my profile. You can check them out if you want, hope you like them :)
2 years ago - Thank you again for the nomination! :)
2 years ago - Are you open to copy space at the bottom of the frame? Do you want your website on the computer screen or are you looking to reflect what you do on the computer screen?
2 years ago - Ok thanks,in the meantime I uploaded another one,I have other shots for you, but unfortunately I can only submitt two pictures maximum, so every time I want to submitt one I should delate another.
2 years ago - I like your last submission but with 2 changes. Please put the framed picture next to the laptop, not on it. I'd like you to use a different webpage. I'll post the link later tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for working with me.
2 years ago - @Linda thanks for the second nomination! Hope it will suite with your needs.. best! 😉
2 years ago - @Linda I think you will not pay more if you invite a photographer, only give us the possibility to upload more and to earn points for photographer levels! 😉
2 years ago - @Linda thank you for the Nomination! I'm doing the shot you requested.. here you can find more about levels: - I'll come back soon ad upload the image you requested, thanks! ;-)
2 years ago - Thank you for the nominations.
2 years ago - I prefer pictures from the 50's or older. I'd like some cool vintage photo on the laptop screen, and a few photos strewn on the table. I want to put copy on the right side of the page.
2 years ago - @jconejo I really prefer a Mac, but would consider a non-Mac.
2 years ago - Hi @lindabugbee can I use other laptop than Mac?
2 years ago - @doreycardinale Sorry, I'm not sure what I want on the screen. I do want to have copy on the page, probably over the photos or cleared desktop on the right side.
2 years ago - @BarbaraPhotoArt Barbara, I like your submission the best but wonder if you could remove the baseball and other stuff in the background. Is it possible to put my website on the screen? Do you know if I have to pay more to send you a private request? Thanks.
2 years ago - @lindabugbee I was also wondering do you prefer a blank screen or would you like an image on the screen?
2 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!
2 years ago - @ Linda please also send me a private request as I'm a shooter and on this challenge I can only upload maximum 2 shots.
2 years ago - Please drive our work.. ;)
2 years ago - Hi @Lindabugbee please Nominate shots that are similar to the ones you would prefer to have in your challenge so we can organize to work much better closed to your necessities! ;) Thanks. Barbara
2 years ago - Hi @lindabugbee can we use no Mac computer?
2 years ago - @lindabugbee- if you want to send me a private request, I'd be willing to work you to get the shot you need.
2 years ago - What I started to type was 1960, 1970 or older photos, say black and white from earlier eras?
2 years ago - What era photos? 1960,