University campus with students

Lorraine Brusch
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We need wide angle shots of a clean and modern University campus along with images of students working or socializing.

We would like to see an architectural wide shot or panoramic of the whole campus or building. The mood should be blue sky, morning light, modern settings (possibly futuristic looking). If people are recognizable please make sure you have permission/model release and put where the shot was taken in the notes if you can.

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4 years ago - Because the buyer has not taken action, we will be closing out this request and curating for the Premium Collection. Thank you for participating! :)
4 years ago - @Lollyb Hi Lorraine. If you haven't found your photo yet from the submissions, could you please explain your desired shot so that we can try to provide you with better photos?
4 years ago - @Lollyb Hi Lorraine. Since you haven't nominated/purchased any photos, I wonder whether the submissions were not satisfactory enough?