Caesar Salad & Bacon Bits

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We need an image of a Caesar salad in a white dish with bacon bits added.

We do not need a specific background in this image, just simply a white dish with caesar salad and bacon bits on top (white dish similar to one in example photo). We would take the new picture with bacon bits and place it on the current shot's background.

I have attached the current salad shot (second photo) as well a a reference image of the caesar salad with bacon bits so you can see what that looks like.

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4 years ago - Due to inactivity by the creator of this request, it has been closed by Snapwire.
4 years ago - Hi, Jennifer, Got it! Thanks so much for your kindly description♪ :)
4 years ago - @ COOL-Japan-Studio - we currently have a background of a table that we are happy with, so the shot of the salad on the white plate would be placed onto our current background shot. So you're correct that we just want the white dish with the salad. Thank you!
4 years ago - @Leandaphotographic - the bacon bits are in addition to croutons, and we do not need dressing. Thank you!
4 years ago - Also, are the bacon bits instead of the croutons or in addition to? thanks so much.
4 years ago - And, about you words of ''We would take the new picture with bacon bits and place it on the current shot's background.''? would you please explain your requirement more specify? Thanks a lot!
4 years ago - Hi, Jennifer Do you mean the picture you want is ONLY a white dish has Caesar salad in with bacon bits and need no background?
4 years ago - Based on the sample images, you do not need the dressing, correct? thanks.