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This is wide open. We want to show 'one supported by many - Irish style'. Looking to show the power of the crowd. Our business model is centered on tax incentivized crowd-funding, for taxpayers investing in Irish based businesses who's investment help them grow and yield return.

Any creative image depicting a crowd supporting one. This photo does NOT need not be in Ireland but the color green, is a plus. No alcohol. One idea may be many hands on one technical object. Abstract concepts are welcome. I was originally thinking of crowdsurfing with a predominant green colouring (the crowd supporting one), that could be used for a professional site. I also thought of Irish rugby plays like a 'scrum' (power of the crowd), 'lineout' (raised and lifted by your teammates to reach a high objective) etc. High resolution picture required.

Open to creative interpretation, but the underlying theme of the photo should incorporate:
(a) An element of Irish
(b) The potential of many (i.e. a little from a lot of contributors can achieve what the few cannot)
(c) Technology (if possible - there is a technological advantage behind the solution but it will not be obvious to the user so this has secondary importance and can be implied at best or ignored)
(c) Something new
(d) Success

I would encourage photographers to be as creative as possible and include a caption with their photo which encapsualtes the idea/concept. Feel free to ask me questions in the comment feed. I'll nominate to help illustrate what I am liking.

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5 years ago - My shot has the Irish feel as it's the world famous Giant's Causeway in N.Ireland. My take on this image in relation to your brief is depicting the guy climbing to his goal step by step but ultimately it was because of the rocks standing firm together that made achieving his goal much easier
5 years ago - I like the fact that we can't see the finished product, but we all know what the final product will look like in our own minds. Because of our experience and knowing that a building is in the future, we can trust a business model that has worked time and time again.
5 years ago - To explain my concept simply, I have to say that each member of the support system plays a specific part in the whole objective. While my image is fairly straightforward (many beams literally supporting one wall), I appreciate the connection of abstract.
5 years ago - The green balloon win the race because the green team has been able to join forces and expertise to achieve the goal.
5 years ago - Three Air balloons, three companies:the green Air balloon represents an hypothetical company in which Irish taxpayers invest their taxes, forming a crew able to read and anticipate the winds and the difficulties, just as in the financial markets.
5 years ago - I can’t add my comment to my nominated pic.. here my vision of the request:In Air Balloons Races, skills, intelligence and the human experience are still prevalent on the machine and the technical means.
5 years ago - Thank you Brandon Weaver for including the commentary beside your photo as to how it fits the brief. This is very compelling and pushes your photo into the lead. Thanks Mark
5 years ago - @all thanks for the feedback and please use the comments to caption your photo and pitch the photo. It will be interesting for us to test Mark's idea for you contextualize the submission.
5 years ago - Thank you very much for nominating my image, Mark! I appreciate it!
5 years ago - I'm seeing them now as well. I appreciate the nomination, Mark.
5 years ago - OK - they seem to be coming up now as nominated. There are some in the nominated list that don't meet the brief but we might look at for something else. I think a forum for photographers to say why a picture meets the brief would be a good addition to this site. Thanks all, Mark
5 years ago - Mark, I can see ur nominated photographs..
5 years ago - ok I've just renominated the 6 photo's and the photo's themselves say 'nominated', but when I look to the summary on the left, it still says "0 nominated", do I need to 'save' or something. Admin, can you chime in here please?? Mark
5 years ago - Guys - Mark here - I nominated about 6 photo's a few days ago. Most of the photo's don't capture the description given in the brief, but I did nominate 6 photos. Will do another run now and re-nominate those if necessary and see if there are any more I that fit the brief.
5 years ago - Im not seeing any images as being nominated too. I don't think it's a bug..
5 years ago - Hi Mark, I'm not seeing any images as being nominated... Not sure if it's just me, or if that's across the board. Just thought I'd say something in case it's a bug.
5 years ago - Hi guys - thanks for submitting. I have nominated some photo's below that meet the "Irishness" criteria but I don't think many of the photos meet the overall "many supporting one" concept, which is the main idea. Could we have more photo's where this is the main concept theme please? Thanks Mark
5 years ago - Mark again, Re not encapsulating all of the elements: in order of importance they are (a) power of many > one (b) Irishness (but this can be abstract using the colour green or a shamrock as long as it works with (a) above) and all other considerations listed are subsidiary to (a) and (b)
5 years ago - Hi, its Mark the competition originator here. Re the pencils Kashif, the focus should be on the 'support' element (i.e. the many supporting the one in the context of the crowd being more powerful than the individual).
5 years ago - I think my pencils picture is a good idea because there's many pencils and one colorful.
5 years ago - At least you read it, Kashif. I'm amazed at what some submit that clearly do not meet the criteria.
5 years ago - This is a very conceptual idea. Many to one can be a variety of concepts. In our conversations, the buyer expressed multiple hands elevating one object or person above the participants.
5 years ago - The brief is very detailed but I don't have a single photo that represents all of these elements. :(