Man at desk enjoying his coffee

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I'm looking for a photo of a man at the office enjoying his cup of coffee. I will launch a new software application this year that is aimed at brokers. The software will execute common tasks automatically and thus falls in the category of "office automation software".

The idea is that using this software a broker can save a lot of time, in which he can do other tasks or just relax and enjoy his coffee.

I have the following image in my head, but I'm of course open to creative ideas:
- a man leaning back in his chair
- he is holding a cup of coffee close to his mouth and enjoys the aroma
- he has a laptop in front of him (or anywhere else close by); the screen is not visible in the shot and he is NOT looking at his screen
- he is not looking in the camera
- he can be positioned in the middle of the shot, but a little more to the side can be considered; on the web page the text will be layered over the image in a semi-transparent box

I have found a few photo's on the net that can give you an idea of what I'm looking for, though none of them exactly match.
Photo 1: this is actually a very good photo, but it looks like the man is in a meeting, and not enjoying his coffee while the "office automation software" is running
Photo 2: quite close to what I want, but he is looking directly at the computer screen and I'm not sure about the side angle of the shot
Photo 3: Image someone leaning back at his desk like this with a cup of coffee

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10 months ago - @patrick Thank you, let me know if you ever need anything else.
10 months ago - Thanks so much for the nomination! Good luck everyone! 😊
10 months ago - I thank all of you for many great pictures. We will review the entries and then decide on purchasing. If your photo was not nominated, this does of course not mean that it's a bad one. I was looking for something specific and the emotions it communicates were just that important.
11 months ago - thank you
11 months ago - finally submitted with minutes to spare 😅 ☕
11 months ago - @patrick Thank you for the nomination!
11 months ago - hi
11 months ago - I see a lot of photo's of high quality, but they often center around the laptop. The point is that using office automation software, one could enjoy his/her coffee, while the computer does the work.
11 months ago - Thank you very much for the nominations!
11 months ago - i just put my pictures and nothing happens?
11 months ago - Thank you for the nominations again!:)
11 months ago - Yeah Rick, many uploads simply do not meet the brief or required quality. But I wanted to allow anyone to submit a photo to stimulate creativity and to give new talents a chance.
11 months ago - Mine is not a stock photo
11 months ago - Thank you for the nomination Patrick :)
11 months ago - It looks like 3 of the nominated images are copyright violations, the watermarked images from Dreamstime, 123Rf and the most recent nomination. Perhaps limit it to contributors of higher status with the site, "shooters" often join and just upload images they steal from elsewhere.
11 months ago - @ricktheis1 which one?
11 months ago - You nominated a download from another stock site.
11 months ago - please money
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11 months ago - Hi, thank you very much for the nominations 😄
11 months ago - Someone posted a photo of two girls at a bar with a laptop. That is a creative take that can actually be considered for purchase.
11 months ago - Thank you for the nomination!😊
11 months ago - Thank you for the nominations, I actually do some day and swing trading.
11 months ago - There are some nice submitted photo's here, but please mind the following things: - the man/woman in the picture is at the office - the focus is on the coffee, not the laptop; he/she is not staring at the laptop - he/she is not looking in the camera