Bringing Hope to Hospitalized Children

Google OneToday Fundraising Campaign
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We are seeking a heartfelt photograph of a child in a hospital, or comparable, setting to encourage viewers to take action and get involved (either through volunteering, sharing or donating) with a very important cause. The healthcare setting must be apparent in the image for campaign consistency. Our client's organization personally delivers care packages to hospitals throughout the country to let children and their families know that they are loved. It's only through donations that this important work can continue, as such, the photograph will be used for fundraising through Google Non-Profits.

The photo may be a single subject or multiple subjects (one child or more, family or not). Emphasis, of course, should be on the child(ren). Above all, we are seeking a responsibly photographed subject in a tasteful setting that will motivate action on behalf of the viewer. I cannot wait to see the proposals - thank you!

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3 years ago - Hello @preet1495 and @Giorgina. @replay75, I appreciate the time and efforts that you and all others have taken thus far! There have been some great shots and I'm certain our client is going to be excited about the final review. : )
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