a Smile, a Hug, a Kiss, and a Laugh

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We want an authentic image of four Americans each showing one emotion (a Smile, Hug, Kiss, or Laugh) against a backdrop of a main town street background.

Photos should be and look authentic. Please do not send stock photos, or photos that look like stock photos. Photos should also be high resolution. We would like to verify that the people used in the photos are actually Americans. Background should be sunny, and of a main town street - please provide us with details of the location too. People should show synergy with each other, and stand side-by-side, as follows:

- a woman smiling
- a man hugging [with arms outstretched]
- a woman [blowing a] kiss
- a man laughing

People should wear white shirts/tops, with grey pants/bottoms (close to hex color #454545).

The first inspirational image shows a sample of how we would like the four people to stand/sit next to each other. The other two images show how authentic we want you to express your emotions.

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4 years ago - Due to an inability by the creator of this request to make a final decision, this request has been closed by Snapwire.
4 years ago - Also the inspiration examples don't match the brief.
4 years ago - I would very clearly state at the beginning that the shot needs to be four people.
4 years ago - Hello everyone. We figured out how to really use Snapwi.re yesterday and asked Snapwi.re to remove the incorrect nominations. We're always in the mood to learn so thank you all for the insights..We wouldn't mind a few pointers on the request. No one is following instructions :)
4 years ago - Julie is right. When a confusing brief like that is paired with people who just skim it, there's bound to be confusion. @SHAREty, for further reference, you need to clearly state what you're looking for, as well as being specific. It'll create less confusion.
4 years ago - Yes, the brief states all 4 should be in the shot doing the specified thing. No one has done that.
4 years ago - @SHAREty It is hard understand what you are looking for if you are going to nominate photos that clearly don't follow your specific instructions. Maybe use less detail in your directions and there will be less confusion
4 years ago - Hello @Davealley - what do you mean? We definitely want to use the site the way it should be so any tips would be great! Thanks..
4 years ago - Hi @rachelstewartjewelry..This was the first we've ever used Snapwi.re and were so inspired by your photo that we just clicked the nominate button. That was our mistake so we've contacted Snapwi.re about it. Your pics are still inspiring - just not for this project..
4 years ago - Thank you @Julesinlr for your input. You were spot on! We just want to verify that people are actually Americans - it ties into what we are trying to do..
4 years ago - Hello @lensflare258. We certainly weren't trying to be racist. This photo is for an American startup with a twist. We'll post new details as soon as we launch - soon!
4 years ago - This request is taking the professionalism out of this site
4 years ago - This is out of our control, the buyer can pick whatever he likes, he's buying it and if he sees a picture submitted that's different than the request that he likes he can pick it and it really doesn't bother me.
4 years ago - I'm not faulting you. I just think it's an issue when buyers nominate photos that are clearly not what they've asked for. I think it leads to people posting all the completely unrelated photos. Just my two cents. :)
4 years ago - Frankly I was confused but thought maybe...?
4 years ago - I read the brief and it was a bit confusing compared to the inspiration pics provided. I submitted because fran
4 years ago - This is why it gets confusing... The pics nominated so not meet your request.
4 years ago - I meant thanks for the nomination!
4 years ago - Thanks for the no
4 years ago - Bernie, it really doesn't matter why. That's their requirement. Doesn't make it racist was my point. If that's what they want/require, and they are paying... There have been many culturally-specific requests. Not racist.
4 years ago - I agree, I have found on a lot of requests, not just this one, that it looks as if people don't read the description at all! Read the description and if you can't do it, find one that you can!
4 years ago - I take your point. But people are people, background items better express the image was taken in America, not the face. Why are people in the photo required to be verified? Viewers of an image in publication are not able to discern if someone is American by looking at the image, nor probably care.
4 years ago - It's not racist as they didn't specify ancestry, just that they are Americans. Says it has to be verifiable. Probably and an American company that requires American subjects. Don't read too much.
4 years ago - I have to ask, why specifically American? What aspect of a face, in a multicultural society, depicts that they are American, a tattoo on their forehead? You should expand on the message you are attempting to portray to avoid a perception of racism. Am I wrong?
4 years ago - I have to agree with Julie...it is quite annoying, and it doesn't take much to read the brief.
4 years ago - I'm starting to wonder if people here can read. I don't think a single photo is remotely what they've asked for. It doesn't do any of us any good when the descriptions are blatantly ignored.