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We are looking for wonderful and creative shots of any kind, taken with our Social media mobile App called SCRIBA! Download it for free on your smartphone to create your Scriba photo books! In this Challenge we NEED minimum 7 Chapters completed into your own Scriba photo book. YOU SHOULD SHOW US YOUR SCRIBA PROFILE, where we can see the total of Chapters in your Scriba photo book (as you can see from inspirational images). If you've already our App on your smartphone just open one of your Scriba books from your profile (on the right side) and click on Add Chapter, it's the easiest way to proceed. ;) PLEASE MIND THAT INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES ARE ONLY "INSPIRATIONAL" ...WE WILL REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR CREATIVITY!!!! Photos will be used for our social networking channels.

Please note that we are a just born Start up team and Scriba app is still in Beta version. We will appreciate any feedback, that you can submit here: - Looking forward to meet your wonderful shots..
Happy Shooting! The Scriba team ;)

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10 months ago - Woohoo you're welcome Barbara 😊 thank you so much for all nominations and selected, this is awesome!! It was fun and exciting. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ πŸ’ž
10 months ago - Thanks to everyone! We really appreciate your submissions.. @HelenePechard thanks for all the beautiful pictures you're uploading on Scriba, you're among our best users! ;) Great job and see you next! Barbara from Scriba
10 months ago - Hi @JorgeOrozco thanks we appreciate your submissions and nominated one, thanks to the beautiful pictures in the Scriba covers! But please mind that we really need a good photography to be selected for our social media channels. Submit again on our next Challenges, you'll meet us next days here! ;)
10 months ago - Hi @TamikaGivans we really appreciate the emotions you put into your Scriba shots! Thanks, we nominated your submissions, but not really found the one that we want to share on Scriba social channels. Thanks and looking forward to meet you on our next Challenges! Follow us on FB and Instagram too! ;)
10 months ago - Hi @RazanKharraz thanks you did a nice job, even if your Scriba shots do not capture our emotions, maybe into next Challenges you should care about the right light into the mobile screen too. Looking forward to meet you on our next Challenges! TKS. Barbara from Scriba
10 months ago - woohoo I'm excited for the results. great pics everyone.
10 months ago - @scriba hope I met the criteria
10 months ago - Fingers crossed! App looks good so far Scriba!
10 months ago - Can you give me your opinion on my submissions please ☺️
10 months ago - Hi @Jacob thanks a lot for your submissions, but please have a look on the nominated ones to understand better that we need minimum 7 chapters written on the right side of each Scriba book. ;) Come to submit again.. Best! Barbara from Scriba
10 months ago - Hi @Pawel thanks for your submissions, but please try again because we need to see in each Scriba book a number of minimum 7 Chapters, have a look on nominated submissions first! ;) Looking forward to have some other nice submissions that will match with our Brief! Best. Barbara from Scriba team
10 months ago - Hi @CassidyMcDonald you're very welcome on our Challenges! Our Start up project is just started and you will see Scriba growing into next 6 months! ;) Enjoy.. Barbara from Scriba team
10 months ago - Thank you for my nominations. I am new to Snapwire, so it is really nice get nominated so quickly.
10 months ago - Hi @Mariam, we have to discard your submission because you have only 1 Chapter in your Scriba books. Please have a look at other's people nominated to be sure you understood. Tks. Barbara from Scriba team
10 months ago - Hi @Jacob thanks for your submissions, but you have only 3 Chapters in your Scriba books, please be sure to shot with minimum 7 Chapters in 1 Book! Come to submit again to be Nominated! ;) TKS. Barbara from Scriba team
10 months ago - Hi ! Thanks a lot for your message, we really prefer from other phone or camera. We need quality and please be sure that into the screen in clear the number of chapters in each Scriba book! They are on the right side of each. Thanks! Happy submission. Barbara from Scriba team
10 months ago - for the SCRIBA entry, we should take picture from ? or we can screenshot instead from our phone?
10 months ago - Hi @SierraRichardson tks for your message, we help your submissions to be near the once we need. Your submission has been discarded it means that it need to be much more clear with light, focus.. Now you can upload others closed to our necessities. Barbara from Scriba Team
10 months ago - Hi! Could you tell me how I can fix/ how I have the label that the pictures I submitted were low quality?
11 months ago - Thank you for the nomination! :)
11 months ago - You're all welcome! We love to nominate shots to give to your work the right importance, even we'll not buy all ;) BUT PLEASE MIND THAT IN THE PICTURE IT SHOULD BE CLEAR THE NUMBER OF CHAPTERS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF EACH SCRIBA BOOK!!! Happy Submissions.. Barbara from Scriba team
11 months ago - Thanks for the nomination!
11 months ago - Thank you so much Barbara and Scriba team ☺️ you made my day πŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜
11 months ago - It's a pleasure to Nominate shots that are the right once to communicate what's connected to our Brief! Please mind that we need to clearly see in the shots the totality of each Scriba book chapters! ;) Happy submission.. best! Barbara from Scriba team
11 months ago - Thank you so much for the nomination.
11 months ago - Hi, thank you very much for the nomination :)