Dark and Moody London Cityscape

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We are looking for Dark and Moody images of London.

Images should be high contrast, dark, and be "Film Noire" Inspired.
Creative use of shadow and grainy images that cover the cityscape of London

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
8MP+ (ex: 3264x2448px+)
Model Release :
Location :
London, England, United Kingdom
Architecture Buildings
Inspirational Images

Messages posted by users

4 years ago - Any updates on this?
4 years ago - I tried to upload mine, but it requires over 8M size.
4 years ago - Thanks for your invitation!
4 years ago - I just uploaded them to my profile.
4 years ago - I have uploaded a few shots to my portfolio as they are only 7.9mp!
4 years ago - Hi Nik, if you download the app PS touch you can upload your photos, hit the & symbol and enlarge the size of your photos. Hope that helps.
4 years ago - Actually, I can't upload any of them because you've set a limit at 8+MP and all my shots are at 8MP. Change limit please, if you'd like me to contribute. Cheers!
4 years ago - Thanks for invite. I've got several that match what you're looking for, imho.
4 years ago - Thanks for the invite! Just submitted some images that I thought would work.
4 years ago - Thank you for the invite. Have a few interesting photos from a London trip last year. -Mathias
4 years ago - I have more photos that our street views, let me know if you'd like to see any and if any of the photos I've uploaded should be black-and-white as opposed to sepia let me know and I'll fix it for you. Thanks.
4 years ago - Thanks for the invite, i will have a look to see if i have something that fits the theme for you.