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We would like an active shot of either lunch or dinner meals on the table. Along with the various ingredients such as garnishes , seasonings used .

Will be used as a website banner so wide shots are preferred. We are a company who provides healthy,hearty meals to busy professionals. Photos should look bright and inviting . On a white background -preferably white-washed wood. Include seasonal and fresh produce -lively colors such as orange , red , green. Must look real life- props from everyday life keys,newspaper, pen, Etc placed around. Our customers are busy professionals who often share meals in office. We want it to look less staged and more like someone is in the process of enjoying the meals with a fork placed in the dishes or spoonful of the contents removed from the food. We want the dishes to include classic favorites such as roasted chicken, flank steak, pasta , salads etc. Food should be very appealing and gourmet looking. Utensils and Linens should have clean lines more of a modern feel . The linens should be bright as well maybe a few accents of light stripes in the same colors to accent the food.Image should also include a beverage or two. The attached shots show you the layout but please feel free to be creative . The last shot including the pies shows the exposure we would like and colors.

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5 years ago - Shoot. I had the perfect picture for this that I got on to upload. I thought the deadline was tomorrow.
5 years ago - Thanks for the noms, will you guys still be buying a photo?