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We are looking for an image of a child that does not look posed. We prefer looking toward the camera, or at least facing the general direction of the camera (not a shot from behind). Must be vertical. Must look professional.

Portrait image for 8.5 x 11 color magazine. 1 person (or more as long as we can crop in on 1 subject), Child 3-10 yrs old. Cute with a Summer Look.

Something casual, cute, spontaneous but with a polished look (lighting / resolution / composition). Studio shot is fine if it clearly has a summer feeling. We prefer looking at the camera, or at least facing the general direction of the camera (not a shot from behind). Subject should not look sexy or provocative. No makeup on little girls or sexy clothing or body language. The goal is to get a photo that looks like we captured them having fun or being mischievous! I'm uploading the actual cover with a studio shot we liked (not summer, but you'll get the idea) We are in Michigan, so NO PALM TREES ... or anything that would look out of place from the Midwest, USA.

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3 years ago - Thank you so much for the nominations!!
3 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
3 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
3 years ago - It's a local coupon magazine. Circulation is 70K You can view it at
3 years ago - Can I ask what magazine this would be for? Thanks.
4 years ago - Oops I added the wrong one. Will check archives for summer photos this evening.
4 years ago - Yes I have a few from that series I'll upload now
4 years ago - @CathyPetriw Adorable little girl... The pose isn't right (don't like the arms) and the lighting isn't good for our purpose (need face lit more) Do you have any other shots?
4 years ago - Thank you so much Debbie for the nomination!!
4 years ago - @AmberSchoniwitz Cute girl, nice focus and lighting... the smile just looks a little phoney. Do you have any other images that might work?
4 years ago - @DianeIsla I like the focus and lighting on the boys face, but can't use because his clothes are more 'Spring' instead of 'Summer'... and too much of his body is cropped off. Do you have any other images?
4 years ago - @MikeDonath Nice photo, but we need a SUMMER look. No boots, jacket, etc. Probably without the dog (but that's not a deal breaker)
4 years ago - @buyer I just submitted a second photo that might meet your needs a little better
4 years ago - Thanks for all the photos. I need PORTRAIT (Not Landscape) COLOR (Not B&W) Closeup, but don't crop too close. No tongues, food. We need to see the face (not backs). Face shouldn't be in a shadow. 8.5 x 11 @ 300dpi
4 years ago - @MikeDonath I need a SUMMER image. Portrait (not landscape) 8.5 x 11 @ 300dpi Do you have any of this little girl that might work?