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In this request we are looking for images of International Eateries. This can include restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and beach shacks. Your images should include both food shots and interior/exterior shots. We are focusing on places outside the U.S. so keep this in mind when you submit. Please also include the name of the restaurant and location in the description of the photo.

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2 years ago - Wat the ?No nominations nothing?
2 years ago - Hi Zagat Directories, Could you please tell us if you will be making any nominations or final decisions soon? This challenge/request has been under review for quite a long time. Many thanks, Lisa
2 years ago - I will reply location when asked because of closed entry i can't edit information
2 years ago - Plz luk at my submission
2 years ago - Is anyone else getting hungry?
2 years ago - I've updated my submissions to reflect the locations and names of the restaurants where the photos are from. Thanks for your consideration!!
2 years ago - Sorry but remembering the names of restaurants when I have spent so much time in Western Europe is near impossible. Will try my best.
2 years ago - Great submissions so far everyone! We forgot to mention please update any photos you have submitted with the location and name of the restaurant you shot the image at!