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We want authentic photos of easily identifiable locations in Connecticut. With and without people. Of both high-energy and low-energy activities.

Photos should be high contrast and rich in color. The focus of the images should be clearly identifiable as a location in Connecticut that can be labeled with the location. We are looking for images both with and without people. Images with people should be shot in a modern/real way---not stocky. The people should be interacting with the location and/or experience. We will be adding a one or two word headline across the center of the image, so placement of people or subject matter should take this into consideration. Image with people must have signed model releases for advertising use. Image resolution should be sufficient for both print advertising and digital.

We need a wide variety of images of both high energy and low energy activities. Activities we need include, but are not at all limited to: hiking, biking, restaurants, museums, nightlife, camping, historic sites, charming towns, enjoying nature/vistas, and cultural activities. And at this time we are particularly needing Fall images and Fall-specific activities like pumpkin patches, apple-picking, corn mazes, and activities in Fall Foliage.

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