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Racism Awareness
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I would like to create a photo image of a line of people holding hands. The people along the line vary in skin color, from the whitest albino skin tone on one end to the darkest African skin tone on the far end. In between are enough people so that between any two people if you panned in you couldn't tell there was any skin color difference between the, but panning out and looking at the whole line you see a graduated variation in skin tone. The picture can be taken in any environment but must get across the idea that differences in skin tone are inconsequential in judging people - that there is not any one point where someone can be defined as being white or black.

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4 years ago - @aglazier Thank you so much for the nomination!! Really made me happy, this was such a fulfilling project! All of us had a lot of fun with this, several of us even became (better) friends!
4 years ago - What is the photo going to be used for
4 years ago - I guess I will do both ways
4 years ago - and - It may be a children?
4 years ago - Hello:) and I have same question like Däve, line (from lightest to darkest) or not?
4 years ago - I'm working on this project and I would like clarification please. Do you want the skin color to progress from light to dark? Or do you want the skin color to be various with little difference between two people but extreme differences on opposing ends of the line?
4 years ago - Hey! I have one of a line and people huging, many ethnicities. but they have writing on their shirts. If you'd like my I can easily remove all the writing so it looks like they have solid black shirts. I posted 2 images with the writing. thank you!
4 years ago - Agreed Benjamin
4 years ago - @aglazier How many people were you thinking of having in the image?
4 years ago - This is really a wonderful request and a beautiful thought!! I have the pic in my head, but just can't find all these beautiful different people around here . Looking forward to see the results . Luck !
4 years ago - This is a noble request @aglazier. I'm in awe.
4 years ago - I just can't understand why people don't just follow the brief especially when it such a very specific request. uploading anything lead to disappointed buyer who will look somewhere else... no offend to anyone but let's be more pro... ;) @snapwire
4 years ago - Thank you so much for the invite!! ;)
4 years ago - Can't wait to see these photos!!
4 years ago - Wauw what a beatyfull request 😊