Array of healthy cookbooks opened on table

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A photo of a few 3-5 healthy cookbooks opened on a table with a notepad and pen/pencil also in the frame.

The photo should look as if someone was sitting down at their dining room table, looking for dinner recipes in cookbooks to make over the week ahead. The notepad is there because on one half of the page they are jotting down the day of the week and the title of the recipe that they plan to make that day (i.e. Monday - turkey chili...etc etc). On the other half of the page, they are jotting down a list of groceries they need to pick up that week. You could also include a cup of tea in the frame to make it look like the person is relaxed and enjoying spending some time on a Sunday planning their meals for the week ahead. See the sample image to get an idea of the look I'm going for. The photo should use natural daylight, too. Hope this explanation makes enough sense! :)

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