Around the world with Cornetto Ice Creams

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We need fun photos of Cornetto Ice Creams in different places around the world. We want to take Cornetto on a world tour…

You can take inspiration from The images provided will be used on the Cornetto Social Channels.

We want to explore and celebrate the wondrous places all around the world that Cornetto can be enjoyed. We would love to see Cornetto ice creams being enjoyed across the globe. This can be in exciting and fun ways, as well as at easily recognisable locations. These could be enjoying a Cornetto with a bowl of pasta in Italy, in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the pyramids in Egypt. The images will be used for a target demographic of young people from 15-25 and should show a fun loving approach to life and travel. We want to include the product in the images but they don’t have to be the central focus of the picture.

We are looking for a diverse range of models within the images. We would prefer all images without filters or with as little post-production elements as possible.

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