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We are looking for photos of a people taking photos of themselves or friends.

I would love to see people taking a photo for friends, or a group taking "selfie" or a solo selfie in normal real life situations, the photos are preferred to be close, but we are open to new creative ideas :) The photos will be used as background for the homepage of a website.

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4 years ago - Andrea, thks a lot for purchasing my photo as well!!! ;-)
4 years ago - Thanks a lot for purchasing my photo!! ;-)))
4 years ago - Andrea I tried to give a different feel under the sunset. Let know if this works please. Thank you
4 years ago - Thks a lot, Andrea!!!
4 years ago - Andrea, thanks for The nomination!!! ;-)
4 years ago - @drew33 Yea we are looking or iPhone/smartphone :)
4 years ago - Are you looking for iPhone/smartphone only? What about selfies with a DSL?