Breakfast for Dinner

Vanity Fair Napkins
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There’s a kid at a table that has been set with a tablecloth and napkins and forks and knives. The kid is wearing pajamas and enjoying a bowl of cereal. He’s spilled some and there are a few pieces of cereal in a small puddle of milk on the table.

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Food and Drink Families

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3 years ago - Are you still looking for more photos??
3 years ago - Thanks for buying, I love when I shoot just for the request and fulfill the expectation...
3 years ago - could we have any feedback, can re-shoot if you need but that all depend FEED BACK
3 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination. My mother in law is a very special person who loves our Holly.
3 years ago - feed back would be appreciated in case need to re-shoot. THX
3 years ago - I'll work on it this weekend