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A man in a meeting(or office-looking room) trying to cover his laugh while looking at a silly pic of his kids. We don’t need to see the screen/kids. Office should not feel too modern/upscale/white collar and the overall vibe should stay away from stock aesthetic. Attached is a reference of the composition. It’s too “nice” for what we’re looking for though.

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1 year ago - @snapwire so there is no purchase on this one?
2 years ago - I have other photos as well!
2 years ago - I have a great photo let me submit
2 years ago - New**
2 years ago - I have a photo but it won't let me submit cause I'm knew :( That's a shame...
2 years ago - Yeah Caitlin... I've made over $300 from this app in a month
2 years ago - Yes @cmelton98 , I got paid several times from Angel soft , they are very specific about what they are looking for, so you should submit only what they write...and photos must be authentic, not stock looking...
2 years ago - has anybody got paid on here
2 years ago - there is no attached image for reference!