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We need candid pictures of boys and girls in their early 20s with their slurpees:

A group of three friends in their late teens/early 20s sitting in the back of a pickup-truck in a parking lot. They are all dressed in casual summer wear. There is a mix of genders and ideally race as well. A micro chasm of young America.

We’re a lifestyle brand and should portray ourselves as such. We’re bright, optimistic, and approachable. Our photography will feature real people who are naturally and effortlessly appealing. And of course, our food and
drinks will always look enticing and refreshing. Our look is natural, casual, and are snapshots with a very “Instagram” aesthetic.

Preferable they are using the newer cups with swirls and flavors including: watermelon lime, wild cherry and cotton candy (blue).
Usage: social/online, in perpetuity

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1 day ago - nice
2 weeks ago - @chad , I think I got the right photos, this buyer just seems to be waiting for all the pictures to come in before they choose. That's sad because some good photos which were not bought (since you can only buy so much) are not acknowledged at all.
3 weeks ago - If it's the right photo.
3 weeks ago - Will there be nomination or purchase before review closes?
3 weeks ago - Will