Kid trying to cut their own hair

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Image of a kid trying to cut their own hair.

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Kids Families

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3 years ago - My daughter likes this one. Likely you already bought what you need but thanks for her enjoyment trying different perspectives. : )
3 years ago - I see that you made a purchased of an unfocused photo but didn't close the request, are you still looking to purchase more? Do you need this similar type of photo?
3 years ago - I can re-shoot if you could give me more guidelines.
3 years ago - so I guess you are looking for something more natural feeling, less stage without necessary quality image?
3 years ago - Thank you for your nomination!
3 years ago - @artbuyingla Hello I have uploaded different angle, if you are happy with the model but need different clothing, pose, facial expression or gesture please tell me as I can work on it. Hope you are happy with my selection. Thx