Kid with phone over toilet

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An image of a kid holding a phone over the toilet

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Messages posted by users

3 years ago - Thank you for selecting my photo. Good luck with future projects!
3 years ago - are you looking for professional look? staged? snapshot? I totally agree with @lorib
3 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
3 years ago - More details regarding what your looking for would be very helpful. Expression, age (3-5, 7-12, etc.), standing or kneeling, any specific action with the phone over the toilet? The more details you can give us, the closer we can get to what you are looking for.
3 years ago - Sitting or standing?or trying to throw in the toilet..?can you please give more information about requirement..thanks in advance
3 years ago - @art buying hi can we have more details about the picture you want..kid has to talk in the phone or watch something
3 years ago - Hi what should be the kid expression? should he look at the camera?