Napkin Twist

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We are looking for a diptych image. The image on the left is a stack of napkins. The image on the right is a spiraled stack of napkins with a glass on its side on top of the napkins.
Please: Only use clean, white square paper napkins. Use a surface such as a kitchen countertop or dining table.

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2 years ago - Hey guys, was a photo ever purchased? It doesn't show in my end.
2 years ago - Yes, I would also like to know, this has been in review for over a month... Could we please have some information about this? Many thanks, Lisa
2 years ago - Hello! Could you please inform as to whether there will be any nominations or will the Request ever be closed. Has been in Review for a very long time. Thank you so much.
2 years ago - Hello! Could you tell us if any of our pictures matches your vision? Thank you!
2 years ago - I have to ask... Is there going to be any consideration for the photographs taken for this request? I understand that you are a large brand and have many accounts, but what is the return for those photographers who submit to your requests with absolutely no return in the form of feedback, noms, etc?
2 years ago - @artbuyingla do you want two separate photos merged or just a side by side photo?
2 years ago - @artbuyingla Does Anyone outhere answers people's questions?
2 years ago - What type of glass you prefer?
2 years ago - I have plenty more backgrounds and glassware I can use if the images I have submitted don't fit with your aesthetic or vision.
2 years ago - lol this is not tequila concept you are confused I quess:-)
2 years ago - Oh maybe I was't nominated? My bad! Ant
2 years ago - I am adding some more very similar but slightly different lighting!
2 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! Ant
2 years ago - How tall to you want each pile?
2 years ago - @art buying do you prefer them shot from above or from the side