One Handed Breakdance

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We are looking for clean urban environment, with bright cool lighting. The image should include a smiling happy, stylish, young adult performing an inverted breakdancing style stall while holding a big gulp full of soda. The image should capture the fun of summer in an urban environment. The shot should have low depth of field so that the subject and product are in focus but the background blurs out.

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
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4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
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Messages posted by users

1 year ago - Do buyer mean "Big Gulp" by 7-eleven only?
1 year ago - @snapwire it would be appreciate if the buyer response to the question so that photographer can better work on their needs. rgds
1 year ago - Hi! I have some more breakdancing photographs on my stock. They are without the soda cup. Is it allowed to photoshop it in? I would make it look original and it won't be visible that it's manipulated...
1 year ago - I'm interested in participating, can it be like a mc Donald's big gulp? The dancer is male?
1 year ago - Hello, can you precise about the cup of soda, does it have to be plain or any specific soda? Any particular type of cup? What about dressing code? Does it have to be branded? I can shoot this week-end. Then the next one if needed. hope to hear from you.