Summertime Treats

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Quintessential ice cream truck treats. Out of the wrapping/packing, no brand logos. Must include a bomb pop and an ice cream sandwich, hopefully 4-5 different treats in the shot. Can be stand alone or with kids and adults.

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2 years ago - Thanks for the nomination😊😊
2 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
2 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!!
2 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
2 years ago - @art buying,hi could you please check my pictures,I submitted some with bomb Popsicle and ice cream sandwich and other varieties ...thanks
2 years ago - Oh!! Could we make our own versions of these treats? I think I'll do that!
2 years ago - I couldn't pick up any bomb pops, but here's one of my proudest "Red White and Blue" pastry photographs! ^^
2 years ago - @cakequeenhawaii Hi there! A bomb pop is basically a red, white and blue popsickle on a stick. But it does have its own certain unique shape. Its a patriotic popsickle! You will see a few bomb pops in the submissions. Some people dont read the directions so a lot of the pics dont have a bomb pop.
2 years ago - What is a bomb pop ?