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A teen and a parent interacting and/or having a conversation over a meal. Maybe they are camping, sharing a pizza or sitting around the table. They are smiling and enjoying themselves.

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3 years ago - Thanks for the nomination and my first purchase!
3 years ago - Thanks. When it's so generalized, you never know what is wanted. They may say 13-19 but really hope for a 15 year old, etc.
3 years ago - It says: And / Or I imagine if a specific age was a factor it would have been specified in the brief. I image Teen being 13-19 traditional yo imaging you could squeeze a 12 or a young looking 20 in there as well. I noticed nobody answered you so I thought I would at least let you know you were heard
3 years ago - I guess I should clarify...what age of teenager are you hoping for? Younger or older?
3 years ago - Didn't anyone read the brief? Supposed to be dining. What age do you prefer the models to be, please?