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We want advertising-quality (hi-res, studio) shots of people making an impression -- good or bad!

We're looking for striking images that show someone making an impression or doing something to make an impression -- cool, attractive, creepy, silly, etc. Whatever impression they make, we want each image to give the viewer a strong feeling -- positive or negative -- about the subject.

Focus on the face or the full body -- whatever best conveys the impression or feeling. Check out Kenneth Cole's print ads for some great examples of models to make strong cool or attractive impressions.

Ideal images will have a *landscape* orientation and will leave space for copy (words) in at least one quadrant of the photo, to the left or right of the subject.

Quality lighting and artistic composition will be key. Color, black and white, and post-processing are all okay. Whatever makes your image look *striking* and professional, without making it look over-produced or too much like a stock photo.

> You *must* have a valid model release from the subject and any other recognizable people in your photo.
> No visible corporate or brand logos in your photo.

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5 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination! Hope you have a great day. :)
5 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!
5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!! ;-)
5 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination - I greatly appreciate it!
5 years ago - I cannot reveal much but the plan is feature it in a campaign for a tech startup.
5 years ago - Brad, thanks for the clarification and the invitation. Can I ask what the advertising is for? Thank you.
5 years ago - Regarding the confusion between expression and impression, think from the viewer's standpoint. How would you judge the subject? How do they make you feel? Their expression may play a part or it might be more about attitude, posture, clothing, etc.
5 years ago - Public locations are okay provided the lighting is very good. Nothing washed out or under/over exposed. Crisp and clear.
5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination.
5 years ago - @brad fenstermacher let me know if this is on the right path, everyone submitted has an expression
5 years ago - Thanks for the invite!! ;-)
5 years ago - Just for clarification, do you want only images shot within the studio? Or will images shot outdoors and at public locations work for you as well?
5 years ago - Hope you like my few photos from our studio!
5 years ago - Thank you for the invitation:)
5 years ago - I mean the impression they make on the viewer. Do they look sharp, making the viewer perceive them as smart or successful? Do they look sloppy, friendly, creepy, etc? How might they be judged? Their expression will certainly contribute to the impression but so will clothing, posture, etc.
5 years ago - Do you mean expression?