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I am looking for inspirational urban garden designs that I can share with my readers. The gardens can be vertical, small space, or in containers.

I need clear, colorful, and detailed layout of the garden design.

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4 years ago - Thanks so much Brandi!
4 years ago - @bhegerty thanks so much for the nominations and the purchase! I'm so glad you like the photo. All the best for your blogpost!
4 years ago - By the way, would you mind sharing your blog link, so I can see the images in context? That would be great. :)
4 years ago - Thanks so much, Brandi! Really glad you can use the photo! It was fun to shoot this. :)
4 years ago - Brandi, merci beaucoup for the opportunity!
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination Brandi!
4 years ago - Thank you for the nomination :)
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination, Brandi! We've been urban gardening for about 10 years now, from containers, to raised beds, to community gardens. Fortunately, your request came in on the same day we transplanted our kale and mustard green seedlings! I hope the image works out for your post. :)
4 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination! :)
4 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! :-) Lovely selection of photos!