Es Trenc Beach, Majorca - Booking Challenge- Spain
Submissions ended, nominations continue in final buyer review

We are looking for photographs of Es Trenc Beach located near Majorca, Spain. We're looking for photos shot in a “Human Observation” style - or Third Person View. The images will show others interacting with the location, giving the traveler the sense of sitting back and taking it all in.

We will be licensing 1 photo with COPYRIGHT BUYOUT.

Sample Images:

Purpose: Your photographs will be used to show an authentic depiction of what the location looks and feels like. We're looking for well thought-out "hero" images. Keep in mind the time of day, lighting, framing, and subjects when you're shooting.

Images SHOULD:
Be photographed horizontally
Be photographed in natural even lighting
Be composed in a way that tells a story as well as shows the destination
Be shot with a DSLR camera (minimum 12MP resolution)
Image ratio should be either 4:3 (4000 x 3000) or 3:2 (4240 x 2824)
Images should NOT:
Show buildings obstructed by objects
Be shot at odd angles
Show signs only
Be shot in harsh light
Highlight an identifiable person or show a single person in frame without context
Be posed, or “stocky”, do not show people looking directly at the camera

When including people in the shots, make sure they are unidentifiable. We will not be able to accept photos with identifiable people without signed model releases.

View full style guide here:

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Location :
Es Trenc Beach, Majorca
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I warrant and represent that I agree to sell the copyright to my work as described in the Content Purchase Agreement and relinquish my copyright to my uploaded Content. :
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1 week ago - While I wait for a response on this photo I want to submit, I submitted another for now and I have the model release but unsure as to where to send it exactly...?
1 week ago - Hi, so it just so happens one of my all time favorite photographs was shot in es trenc beach, Majorca! But I submitted this photo a while back and was nominated, u truly want to resubmit this image for here! Is that possible ? Also with model releases, if I’m in the picture.. is it still required?