Woman with a poster

as a mockup for my portfolio-website
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Hi there

For my portfolio I need a photography of a young woman (around 20 years old, with black jeans, ) who is holding a poster. The face should be hidden behind the poster, so we can just see the arms and legs. The light should be very natural. But it doesn't matter if it's an indoor or outdoor photo. It's important that there is a calm background and the poster have to be really big. (like you can see on the examples pictures.) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm looking forward to see your pictures.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
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4 years ago - Actually it's allowing me to post more, maybe because of the nomination. Is there another idea for a background you were thinking?
4 years ago - I've submitted another photo with the white brick wall as you requested with blue jeans for a more diverse scheme. Unfortunately because of my level, I'm only able to submit 2 photos per request. If you contact snapwire about purchasing more from me, I'd be happy to do it.
4 years ago - Mainly the background should change, but it has'nt to be ecactly the same picture. Mabye the same person with other clothes.
4 years ago - Do you want anything different with the subject? Or just the background?
4 years ago - @ Anthony Perez: I really like your picture. If it's possible for you, it would be great to have a serie of different pictures. So i can use all of them on my website. mabye you could shoot in front of a white brick wall.
4 years ago - Yes the poster should be plain. It is also really important, that the poster is hold up in corners.
4 years ago - Do you want the poster to be plain?