Circles in Everyday Life

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We're looking for images of circles in everyday life. We would like the photos to feel authentic and not staged - like you snapped the photo while going about your everyday life. The subject in the image can range from food (e.g. bagel, top down shot of an egg, top down shot of coffee) beverage, people or objects that are in the shape of a circle. Top down shots and straight on shots are ideal, and the tone/editing style we are looking for is soft, calm, desaturated (think VSCO) - NOT high contrast.

We're ultimately looking to capture 2 series of 3 photos that convey a narrative or storyline and have the same editing style. Keep that in mind when shooting.

Lastly, please reference the inspiration images for additional ideas of what to photograph.

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Adventure Conceptual Lifestyle
Inspirational Images

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7 months ago - how do you make a nominación
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8 months ago - how do you make a nomination​
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9 months ago - I love photography from small and through it you can express my love for nature
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